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March 1, 2012, Hoboken, NJ – Two of the most notable and well-respected Hoboken real estate firms, BrianDavid, Realtors® and Halliburton Homes have announced today that they have embarked on a joint venture to become PRIME Real Estate Group.

With a new location at 251 First Street, PRIME Real Estate Group is welcoming a team of 55 agents, along with an expanded management and support staff.

“Our commitment to creating more opportunities for our clients and Sales Partners was the driving force of this merger,” explained Brian Muench, PRIME Real Estate Group’s Co-Chief Executive Officer and Broker of Record. “Our company has doubled in size as a result of this merger, and we are now able to serve the public even better than we had before.”

Muench then went on to say how this merger was something that was years in the making. “I had admired Halliburton Homes for years, and it’s great to finally be able to come together with a like-minded and like-sized company.”

Clients will find exceptional service to be the keystone of PRIME Real Estate Group. Constantly striving to be a step ahead of the competition, PRIME Real Estate Group offers ongoing training to keep new and veteran sales partners alike updated on best practices, new technology, and advanced techniques to stay ahead in today’s challenging marketplace.

“We are constantly making sure that our Sales Partners are given the right tools and guidance to go out and do their best when it comes to helping clients buy, sell, or rent properties,” remarked Jesse Halliburton, PRIME Real Estate Group’s Co-Chief Executive Officer. Halliburton continued, “Bringing these two strong companies together provides unparalleled service to our clients, Sales Partners, and the community at large.”

About PRIME Real Estate Group:

PRIME Real Estate Group is dedicated to providing real estate services to the highest degree of excellence. Whether buying, selling, or renting real estate property, we treat each client relationship as a partnership. Through a solid base of professionalism, ethics, expertise, and use of best practices—with an understanding of how each aspect is critical to help our clients reach their goals—it is our mission to earn and maintain the trust, respect, and ongoing business of our clients and business partners. For more information, visit


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