PRIME Real Estate Group is always looking for energetic, forward-thinking, productive, and service-oriented individuals to join our New Jersey offices. We hire smart, persistent, and creative sales partners who are committed to accountability and responsibility.

We believe our sales partners should be spending time in front of clients, not doing all the behind the scenes work. That is why we have a team of marketing professionals, and transaction managers, along with overall administrative support to help agents every step of the way.

When you sign a new listing, our team gets straight to work, coordinating staging, and arranging photography, along with preparing essential marketing materials such as the property description, postcards, and custom signage. Our transaction team then handles all of the data entry and processing for your listing to go live on the MLS, and on the various real estate, and social networking websites.

If you're new to real estate, that's ok. Regardless of experience level, our sales partners benefit from our hands-on training, and company-wide focus on providing the best support and benefits possible.

Our exceptional training program focuses on developing skills throughout the real estate sales cycle and career continuum, and lays the groundwork for a successful career as a PRIME Real Estate Group sales partner.

In addition to monetary incentives, our benefits are geared at helping sales partners grow and get ahead of the competition. Here are some things you can expect:

•    An aggressive commission structure that rewards your capabilities.
•    A royalty free, franchise-fee free, and desk-fee free firm.
•    Incentivized bonuses to reward you for reaching your goals and growing your business.
•    Superior compensatory benefits such as investment opportunities. 
•    Free high-quality leads on sales and rentals for residential, commercial, and investment properties.
•    Comprehensive coaching and training geared to immediate success as a new agent, and focused career development, and ongoing education for experienced agents.
•    Opportunity to participate in one of the industries most regarded and successful team coaching programs focused on dominating your local market and niche areas.
•    A results-driven interactive marketing program, Web advertising, and sales tools to enhance your presence in the marketplace.
•    Access to an award-winning online marketing center that allows you to rapidly develop and deploy Web, e-mail, and print marketing pieces that set you apart from the competition.
•    Agent section on our Website which offers training resources, listing, lead, and customer relationship management, and transaction/inventory management.
•    Complete access to our state-of-the-art global technology infrastructure, and top-notch administrative and technological support.
•    The opportunity to learn from experienced and successful agents, receive structured, personalized training, and be supported by non-competing management.
•    A stellar company reputation, and an environment comprised of entrepreneurs who work hard to create their own personal and professional success.
•    Subsidized agent Web site program, which supports our agent's desire for cost effective, comprehensive, and productive Web site design and hosting.
•    Access to many local Multiple Listings Systems.

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