Anthony Packwood

Sales Partner

  • 10 years Business Development experience | Masters in Business Administration | Business Analyst Consultant for Fortune 500 companies
I am
Looking forward to meeting you soon
Favorite neighborhood
Uptown Hoboken
My favorite restaurant is
Antique Bar and Bakery
Best weekend getaway

Asbury Park

My super hero power is

Maintaining a solid comb over in any weather conditions!

My first job
Paper Boy
Biggest challenge
Putting my cell phone down
Perfect day
Soccer, Soccer and more Soccer!
Industry Leading
Why real estate?
While studying for my MBA I became fascinated with the concept of Relationship Marketing (RM). RM focuses on creating customer value through developing long term and loyal customer relationships. As an affable natured entrepreneur, I found this approach strongly aligned with my skill set. When I arrived from the UK I quickly realized that real estate providing me with the perfect platform to utilize my strengths to help people find their perfect homes. I find the process incredibly rewarding and I love meeting new people and helping them reach their real estate goals every day.