Anthony "Tony" Soares

Sales Partner

  • 20 years of marketing and branding expertise on Madison Ave in NYC | 5 years as Hoboken Zoning Commissioner and City Council President | 4 years interior design and real estate marketing experience
I am
Here for you
Favorite neighborhood
Southwest Hoboken
My favorite restaurant is
Thirty Acres
Best weekend getaway

Jersey Shore

My super hero power is

Reading minds

My first job
Sign Painter
Biggest challenge
Reaching new heights
Perfect day
A day with family and friends anywhere
Always on
Why real estate?
I spent the past 20 years on Madison Avenue helping bring famous products and consumers together. During that time, I also served as a Hoboken City Councilman and Chairman of the Zoning Board. I have played an active role in developing today's rebirth and local housing inventory. Name an area - I know a building because I may have approved it. Name a store - I can tell you what they sell. Need a restaurant? Ask me, I've been there. I'm also a design consultant to some of the area's hottest developers and interior design firms, where we stage homes for sellers and design new projects for investors. I know the housing stock, I know the community, I know the area. These experiences make real estate a natural fit for me. I can help you create a unique selling proposition for your properties or new developments.