Brian Murray

Broker Sales Partner

  • Engineering degree Columbia University, MBA University of Michigan | 10 years corporate marketing and business development | 13 years full time realtor in Hoboken/Jersey City market
I am
Grateful for a good life
Favorite neighborhood
Uptown Hoboken
My favorite restaurant is
Cheesecake Factory
Best weekend getaway

I work weekends

My super hero power is

Seeing the future

My first job
Biggest challenge
Being a Boston sports fan surrounded by New York fans
Perfect day
Michigan football with the family
Why real estate?
One Carleton Sheets infomercial when I was a kind and I was hooked! Running my own business is something I always wanted to do (my boss is brutal.) Real estate is never the same. Every property is different. Every client is different. It's exciting to be able to leverage my skills to help clients in creative ways.