Cristina Gormley

Sales Partner

  • 20 + years sales experience | Strong financial background | Excellent project management
I am
Dedicated, diligent and dependable
Favorite neighborhood
Sea Bright, NJ
My favorite restaurant is
The Lobster House
Best weekend getaway

Cape May, NJ

My super hero power is

Truth and extrasensory perception

My first job
Teaching flute lessons and art at a summer camp
Biggest challenge
Finding enough time in the day managing three kids, two dogs, 4 fish, a husband, and my job
Perfect day
Paddle boarding with my family
Why real estate?
There is something I love about helping and coaching people through ups and downs of the process of purchasing their ideal home. I have been exposed to real estate for a long time with family in the business so it was a great fit. Honestly, I just love helping people!