Danielle Crespo

Sales Partner

I am
Genuine and always smiling
Favorite neighborhood
Ahh, I can’t choose JUST one! I love older homes for their richness in character. I am partial to Weehawken, my home town
My favorite restaurant is
Benny Tudinos, such a classic
Best weekend getaway
Anywhere with amazing scenery, it could be water or mountains. A place that takes my breath away and makes me forget to look at my phone
My super hero power is

Persistence. Once I set my mind to something or have an idea I can’t quit until it’s done

My first job
Biggest challenge
Putting me first. I want to help people which extends out into so many aspects of my life.
Perfect day
Enjoying the fresh air. Doing anything or anywhere outside
Staying ahead and relevant, a collaborative team
Bucket List
Owning a vacation home
Why real estate?
I have a passion for the aesthetics and energy of a home, the way a space can make you feel can be powerful and rewarding