Dorian Greenberg

Sales Partner

  • Luxury rental and buyer sales specialist in Hoboken & Jersey City | Over 10 years of digital marketing experience partnering with Fortune 100 companies and leading brands | World-class customer service
I am
Favorite neighborhood
Hamilton Park, Jersey City
My favorite restaurant is
Frank, East Village NYC
Best weekend getaway

South Beach

My super hero power is

Eating whatever I desire without gaining weight!

My first job
Jewelry Store Manager
Biggest challenge
Work/life balance
Perfect day
Spending time with my wife and two kids on the beach until sunset, sipping on ice cold IPAs
Why real estate?
I love working with people, spending time with people, and supporting people in finding fulfillment and happiness. Home is a critical part of that formula. I've always enjoyed real estate, I love architecture, the market cycles, and finding hidden gems. Living in NYC my whole life, with these points of passion, made this business a natural fit for me.