Edward Leong


Knowledgeable in property and project management; involved in real estate for 13 years; effective liaison between various professionals to achieve the common goal.

I am
Favorite neighborhood
My favorite restaurant is
Best weekend getaway
Going to Boston to visit family friends
My super hero power is
Ability to find almost anything
My first job
Working in a warehouse assembling office furniture
Biggest challenge
Raising our sons
Perfect day
65-70 degrees; 30% humidity; slight breeze; partly cloudy; family and no pressing matters
A big family
Bucket List
Set foot on every continent
Why real estate?
Having been a client multiple times, I know how real estate is something that can literally affect people's lives every day. It is interesting to be a part of something so relevant and to interact with all kinds of folks and be involved in helping to fulfill their wants and needs.