Erin Greene

Sales Partner

  • Represent multiple sellers, buyers, landlords and renters in Hoboken & Jersey City | Managed client relationships in both Financial Services and Real Estate for over 13 years | Performed, audited and consulted on operational and financial functions in Financial Services for 11 years
I am
Always excited to meet new people and try new things
Favorite neighborhood
The Village at Jersey City
My favorite restaurant is
Barge Inn
Best weekend getaway

Miami, Denver

My super hero power is

Ability to listen to anyone.. for hours on end

My first job
Counter girl at Long River Kitchen (Chinese restaurant)
Biggest challenge
Accepting that sometimes even when I give it my all, things won�t always work out
Perfect day
Long walk with my dog and husband on the beach, scuba diving, nice fresh simple dinner, and a few cocktails in the fresh air
Bucket List
Why real estate?
I've audited the financial side of real estate (mortgage backed securities, commercial lending, etc.), and wanted to learn about the underlying operations of buying and selling. I loved it and decided to make it a career.