Kristin Schaffner

Sales Partner

  • Detail-oriented, tenacious and unsatisfied with anything less than perfection | Familiar with Hudson county's ever-evolving neighborhoods, with a good eye for spotting value | Also a board certified nurse practitioner w/10+ years experience in the Intensive Care Unit
I am
Ready for anything!
Favorite neighborhood
Hamilton Park
My favorite restaurant is
Latham House
Best weekend getaway

Woodstock, NY

My super hero power is


My first job
Cashier at Shop Rite
Biggest challenge
Sitting still
Perfect day
Waking up without an alarm clock, working out, then lying on a beach!
Why real estate?
Every day it is something new! You learn something every day, and you have a chance to do good for others. Also, I love seeing other people's apartments, condos, and houses!