Maria Kosdan

Sales Partner

  • Masters in Art Marketing | Over 10 years of sales and marketing experience | Art Consultant/ Stager I place collectable works of art (for sale) by local artists in homes and high-end condos/ apartment listings
I am
A driven fireball ready to conquer any challenge thrown my way
Favorite neighborhood
Historic Downtown Jersey City
My favorite restaurant is
Continuously changing based on my mood
Best weekend getaway

Laying on a beach with my friends by my side

My super hero power is

Keeping my life super organized

My first job
Serving drinks to folks playing bingo
Biggest challenge
Working to live and not living to work
Perfect day
Gallery hopping throughout NYC on a perfect summer day
Innovative, forward thinking, and creative
Why real estate?
I started my career in art marketing, basically the business side of art. Always fascinated with real estate, I realized the two worlds are not so different and decided, why not do both? After all, real estate in itself is its own art form. I want to tap into this realm and make it my own and learn it from the inside out.