• Excellent Cuddler | Certified Best Friend | Good at Keeping Secrets..... cause I don't talk!
I am
Constantly Looking for Dog Treats
Favorite neighborhood
The grassy knoll just outside of Hudson Tea
My favorite restaurant is
Urban Coal House cause they have a dog bar outside for me
Best weekend getaway

Running around the various backyards of Westfield, NJ

My super hero power is

Pulling on the leash

My first job
Therapy dog for humans who need better education on my breed
Biggest challenge
Separation Anxiety from my owner - I'm working on it though
Perfect day
Morning snuggles with my owner followed by a day at the office and looking at homes for our valued clients!
A place where I like to go and take random naps throughout the day
Why real estate?
Because my biggest hero in my life is my Dad! I get to spend more time working with him in the dog-friendly office. Plus I get to help people too, haven't you heard?