Pebbles Obando

Sales Partner

Digital marketing and banking at American Express for 5 years in Manhattan Currently in recruiting matching clients like Estee Lauder, Tom Ford, Buzzfeed and Bloomberg to the right creative design freelancer in Manhattan. Real Estate salesperson in NJ!
I am
Ready for deals!
Favorite neighborhood
Downtown Jersey City
My favorite restaurant is
Best weekend getaway
Kaaterskill Falls
My super hero power is
growing plants
My first job
Movie theater girl
Biggest challenge
Excel spreadsheets
Perfect day
A blue sky day hiking up a mountain
Bucket List
Renovate my bathroom by myself, make real estate deals, spend time country hoping around South America
Why real estate?
I've been obsessed with houses and apartments my entire life - I love their history and I love watching new ones be created. I grew up watching HGTV instead of the Disney channel, where I looked up to the interior designers and construction workers. I'm currently in sales (recruiting) and want to take those skills and use it towards my efforts in matching the right client to the right home.