Terra Arrington

Sales Partner

  • Experience navigating through the market to find what you need | Licensed with PRIME Real Estate Group since 2014
I am
Favorite neighborhood
Weehawken Waterfront
My favorite restaurant is
Best weekend getaway

Anywhere there is a beach and warm weather!

My super hero power is


My first job
Cashier at Pathmark
Biggest challenge
Accepting Change
Perfect day
Rooftop, Sun, and a nice glass of wine
Just what I was looking for
Why real estate?
As a former dancer who traveled with the musical WICKED, I lived in a different city every month. I loved looking at future sublets so much that cast members hired me to find housing for them. I fell in love with the hustle and with real estate. Watching HGTV was not just a hobby it was a job for me. I figured if I could do this for my friends I can do it for everyone looking for a place to make a home.