Timothy Fiorillo

Sales Partner

1. Specialize in Hoboken & Jersey City properties

2. Plan to own investment properties in the coming years

3. Have an extensive video production background to help showcase your property


I am
here to assist you!
Favorite neighborhood
The entire town of Hoboken feels like home
My favorite restaurant is
Antique Bar & Bakery in Hoboken
Best weekend getaway

Somewhere close to a beach with golf and great friends

My super hero power is

Making real estate transactions as smooth as possible for my clients

My first job
Bussing tables at a Texas RoadHouse
Biggest challenge
Trusting the process
Perfect day
Working hard by day and going out for dinner at night
taking over Hudson County
Bucket List
See Italy, travel to sporting events & more Springsteen concerts
Why real estate?
After going through a few real estate transactions myself and being fascinated by the process, I decided to be the person that introduces clients to their new homes